Construction Services
  • New Roofs
    • We build new steep roofs using traditional materials with our best roofs expecting service lives up to 200 years.
  • Historic Restoration
    • We reroof older buildings using historically accurate or similar roof covering materials often using materials that match the old roof and reusing sound shingles whenever possible.
  • Roof Maintenance and Repair
    • We specialize in maintaining and repairing fine roofs, especially slate and tile. We repair related building components.

Expert Analysis

  • We can analyze roof problems and then:
    • Repair or replace the specific component or problem area.
    • Extend the service life of a good quality roof to its full 100 to 200 years.

Experienced, Well-trained Crews

  • Our high-quality services are provided by experienced and well trained crews and highly maintained equipment:
    • Our training covers traditional fine roof-craft skills
    • Our union's training cover health and safety
    • Trucks, hoists, scaffolding and tools in top condition

Large Inventory

  • We keep large inventory of vintage slate and tile at our facilities.